Applications of expansion joint filler boards

Recently it is widely available to replace the old traditional bituminous boards, cork based board, rubber sheets, etc. and considered as the new generation HD100 joint filler boards. It is environment friendly as it is produced without usage of CFC/HCFC gases, which are considered harmful to the planet. The applications of HD100 Joint filler boards are:

1. Filler board used in expansion joints at airport runways and taxi tracks
2. These Expansion Joint Filler Boards are used in concrete for parking lots and buildings
3. Compressible boards are also used in Isolation Joints to infill panels
4. Filler board in expansion joints in concrete flooring
5. Water retaining and water excluding structures
6. Interconnecting walkways between buildings
7. Basements, flyovers, and subways
8. HD100 Filler Board used in concrete roads
9. Bridges, decks, abutments and pier hinge joints
10. Filler board used in water-proofing
11. Expansion Joint Filler board HD100 used in Toll Plaza flooring
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