Applications of expansion joint filler board

Expansion joint filler board by Kampun is trade named by KAMPUN® HD100 board, used in expansion joints in various types of projects.


Aprons and runways at airport are typical examples of best performing expansion joint filler board - KAMPUN® HD100 sheets.



This type of heavy structures have also issues with concrete and all other materials expansion-contraction due to temperature variations. Hence, flyovers are designed accordingly and our compressible boards are used for the same.

Large Buildings

Every structural engineer is concerned over the movement due to temperature variations and making the structure more exposed to cracks and may lead to poorly look and may be reducing the structure life. Therefore the expansion joints fix those issues and extends the life-span of the same. Our polymer based, latest innovative HD100 boards has helped the structural engineers and architects to enhance the project life and reliability.


Taxi parking

The latest concept of using polymer based KAMPUN filler board has successfully ousted the traditionally used bitumen impregnated expansion joint filler boards by modern structural designers. The flooring of taxi parking is also an example of expansion joints.

Toll plaza

KAMPUN® HD100 is an exclusive compressible board specially designed for the application as an expansion joint filler board in concrete brick, block work and isolation joint, where the readily compressible low load transfer joint filler is required.

Concrete roads, Auditoriums, Water retaining structures, Walk ways, Water excluding purposes, Stadiums are few more examples among very large potential applications of our HD100 joint filler boards.