95% recovery after deflection (compression), as it is one of best feature for any Preformed Closed-Cell filler desired

resilience expample for Preformed Closed-Cell filler boards



representativ image not real closed cell foam1024x700
Not real image but to understand closed cell structure



Closed cell structure
Kampun® HD100 sheets have extremely low water absorption(<0.05%) property due to closed cell structure and thus non deteriorating and durable too. This feature also helps in better compression recovery.

No Weather effect
Polyolefin Expansion Joint Filler is resilient and does not distort under low load transfer from wet concrete. No worry, just fit/install and forget. Rain, cold or heat can't change its performance and that makes it more versatile material than others traditionally used filler sheets.

All weather Ok product
Polyolefin Expansion Joint Filler is very versatile product.

Bitumen free joint filler board HD100

Bitumen free
No bitumen is used and hence it is non staining product which in turn results trouble free for the labour force.

Great Chemical Resistance
As any EJF board needs to be inert to most dilute acids, resistant to oil and hydrocarbons and it is very suitable for EJF applications.

Chemical resistance of Preformed Closed-Cell filler, Polyolefin Expansion Joint Filler


Project building civil engineering

Unlike the bituminous filler board it is very easy to handle and install it. Less handling loss and doesn't get affected by mishandling. Preformed Closed-Cell filler It can be cut in any shape using normal knife. Therefore it doesn't requires any special types of tools or expertise to install them. This makes very useful impact for civil engineers and architects to select in place of the old concept bitumen boards.

These sheets are very versatile to use and are proved to be rot proof and bacteria resistant. This helps to avoid any treatment requirements for blocking such micro-organisms.

Very safe and reliable


Polymer based fillers - Preformed Closed-Cell filler, Polyolefin Expansion Joint Filler

Our polymer based joint filler sheets accept nominal temperature cycle with minimal load transfer. Hence it doesn't affect the structure.

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